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Twitter Coaching with Trilby Jeeves

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    I’m Trilby Jeeves, and I’d like to share my twitter experience with you.

    When I joined twitter I honestly had no idea what to do.  I blindly rummaged around for awhile, gently following and observing what others were doing. My learning curve was high and slow but once I had my “aha” moment and realized the artist in me could get creative with twitter, I started to have fun.

    Now I’ve been on twitter for almost 2 years, and am using it to help with my business of buffoonery workshops. Then people started asking me about how I use twitter and other social media sites to increase my exposure. As a result, Peter D. Marshall and I have given social media workshops, and coaching. It’s been great to help others expand their visibility whatever their work.

    What is Twitter?

    A fad word, a mysterious social media tool, constantly in the news, revered by many, time consuming, hard to comprehend, fun to use, addictive, great for business, “who cares what you ate for breakfast”, a buzz word, a time waster, an amazing connector…..

    Is Twitter for You?

    If you think you need to see what all the buzz is about, explore this free tool for marketing your business using the right etiquette, and understand some good, effective, techniques to help you create a special online presence where people want to hang out, you’re probably doing the right thing.

    And, if you don’t want to take a workshop, but would like to have an intimate one on one session where after 2 hours (and a half if you can fill more of your brain) you are up and running, here is an opportunity to do so.

    If you do a Private Twitter Session?

    1. One-on-One (In Person): Vancouver, BC, Canada

    2. One-on-One (Online): Worldwide via Video Conferencing

    One-on-one coaching will:

    – enable us to address your questions privately

    – hone your twitter presence

    – gather some strategic tweeting ideas

    – immediately get you up and running

    You will receive:

    – a good “starter pack” of valuable people to “follow”

    – links & book recommendations to continue your learning.

    You will save time by having me “show you” (and you can bombard me with questions). Your learning curve will be shorter, therefore, you will move faster into the “Twittersphere”.


    1. One-on-One (In Person): Vancouver, BC, Canada

    2. One-on-One (Online): Worldwide via Video Conferencing

    Contact Trilby Jeeves:

    “When I first approached Peter and Trilby, I was looking for a way to get some exposure for my documentary and help negotiate the murky waters of internet and social marketing; what I received was so much more.  Peter and Trilby helped me understand what internet and social marketing tools were available, which ones best suited my project, and what kind of results to aim for.  They explained everything from general project awareness to getting contacts to take specific action.  I now have not only a raft of tools to use, I have a specific and thorough strategy with which to use them.”

    Michael Bruce Adams, Writer, Producer & Director of “Kulka: The Final Round,” West Vancouver, BC, Canada

    “I had a chance to meet Trilby Jeeves, the Twizzard, at Neil Godin’s Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge when she did a presentation on Twitter. Now, I have to admit I am coming into Twitter (and Social Media in general) kicking, screaming & biting; however, thanks to the Twizzard, I learned that it’s a great place to meet people, get to know them and hopefully do business with them. Trilby takes you through the dos & don’ts of Twitter, who to follow and why, and much more.”

    Randall Orser, Number Crunchers® Financial Services, Langley, British Columbia (@numbercrunchers)

    “Trilby helped me set up my Twitter page with my bio and then best of all she introduced me right then and there, online, to all of her Twitter followers. She taught me the networking aspect that is behind Twitter and how to make real and valuable connections.  Without her coaching I’m quite sure it would have taken me a very long time to understand the networking aspect and much of the etiquette and functions at Twitter.”

    Lita Martin, Healthtopics, Langley, British Columbia (@LitaMartin)

    “I hired Trilby to give me advanced training on Twitter. She came with fabulous advice and practical applications. She’s so well connected and so well versed. Our morning flew by and it really set me up for great success. If you want to really understand and utilize Twitter – she’s the man!”

    Jonathan Christian, “We Make Stuff Happen”, Langley, British Columbia (@jdgem)

    “Trilby Jeeves is an incredibly friendly, encouraging and engaging person to learn from about Twitter and the power of social networking.  For any artist, school or business that is new to these tools or wants to learn how to use them better, Trilby can show you the ropes and get you tweeting in no time at all.  She’s awesome.”

    Ken Priebe, “Director of Communications and Student Services, VanArts, Vancouver, BC, (@VanArts)

    Other clients include:

    Neil Godin, “The TurnAround Guy”, Vancouver, British Columbia     (@NeilGodin)

    The Blanche MacDonald School, Vancouver, British Columbia   (various)

    Association of Film Commissioners International, LA, USA (various)

    The Trench Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia (@TrenchGallery)

    Eric Milner Photography, Vancouver, British Columbia (@EricMilnerPhoto)