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Blog Coaching with Peter D. Marshall

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    Hi, I’m Peter D. Marshall and I’d like to first share some of my Internet Marketing and Social Media background with you.

    Since 1996, I have been actively marketing and promoting my filmmaking services on the Internet. In 1999, I created my first website, and began to publish the free monthly ezine, “The Director’s Chair.” In 2007, I joined the world of Social Media by signing up to Twitter and Facebook and starting my filmmaking blog,

    I’ve been heavily involved with Social Media for the past two years and combined with my Internet Marketing skills, I have been able to have my Blog and/or my Website listed on the first page of Google for several film making keywords: film directing and filmmaking workshops.

    Workshops and Coaching

    Over the past 2 years, I (with my partner Trilby Jeeves) have taught workshops and seminars to various groups interested in learning how to market themselves, their products or their organizations on the Internet using traditional Online Marketing techniques combined with Social Media.

    Some of these organizations are The Association of Film Commissioners International, The Director’s Guild of Canada, Stunts Canada, The Backroom Theatre Club and SCTC (Speakers, Consultants, Teachers and Trainers).

    We have also been asked to teach one-on-one coaching to individuals in the arts and in business who are frustrated by the overwhelming amount of general “How to…” social media information available Online. They want to know how to get more out of their own social media experience… for their own individual needs using their own blogs and websites.

    This process can only be successfully accomplished with “one-on-one “coaching.

    What is Blogging?

    You can easily think of a basic Blog as your Home where you invite people over for a BBQ. People don’t expect you to sell them your stuff in your home. It’s about sharing experiences and getting to know one another. If people express interest in what you have to offer, you can then invite them to your office – your Website.

    Having a blog can help position you as an expert in your field as well as give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with thousands of interested people around the world. And depending on your goals, your blog should be the foundation of your Online business and the center of your online marketing HUB.

    One of the best things about Blogs is that they are very “search engine friendly” in terms of keywords and ranking. So depending on your marketplace and your keywords, you could get your business ranked very quickly on Google by only making a few blog posts each week.

    Private Blogging Session

    1. One-on-One (In Person): Vancouver, BC, Canada

    2. One-on-One (Online): Worldwide via Video Conferencing

    If you want to have a one-on-one blog coaching with me, we will:

    – address your questions privately

    – hone your blogging presence

    – gather some strategic blogging ideas

    – immediately get you up and running

    You will also receive:

    – a “starter pack” of valuable blogging information and a list of bloggers to “follow”

    – links and book recommendations to continue your learning.

    “One-on-one” coaching will save you time by having me “show you how” it is done using your blog and website for your business or organization. With “one-on-one” coaching, your learning curve will be shorter and you will move faster, and more efficiently, into the social media world of blogging.


    1. One-on-One (In Person): Vancouver, BC, Canada

    2. One-on-One (Online): Worldwide via Video Conferencing

    Contact Peter D. Marshall:


    “When I first approached Peter and Trilby, I was looking for a way to get some exposure for my documentary and help negotiate the murky waters of internet and social marketing; what I received was so much more.  Peter and Trilby helped me understand what internet and social marketing tools were available, which ones best suited my project, and what kind of results to aim for.  They explained everything from general project awareness to getting contacts to take specific action.  I now have not only a raft of tools to use, I have a specific and thorough strategy with which to use them.” Michael Bruce Adams, Writer, Producer & Director of “Kulka: The Final Round,” West Vancouver, BC, Canada

    “Peter and Trilby make a great team. Between them, they demonstrate a variety of effective ways to manage and have fun with Social Media and give a great context and reason to use it. Their system provides a wonderful leaping-off point not only for those just starting out, but also for those who have been playing online for a while.” Mary Malinski, Campbell River, BC, Canada