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6 Backstage Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Be Using

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    Last Updated: September 2, 2014

    by Jayson DeMers.

    By now, most marketers understand the importance of [easyazon_link asin=”1482014092″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”actiocutprint”]social media marketing[/easyazon_link]; not only is it an inexpensive way to build a following and promote your brand’s content, but participation in social media could also become a major factor in the ranking algorithm for search engines like Google. If you’re like most marketers, you’ve focused on the “big three”: Facebook for the biggest audience, Twitter for the fastest updates and public profiles, and LinkedIn for the B2B business professionals.

    In addition to the big three, there are a number of other social platforms that have gotten attention: YouTube is the biggest and most popular platform for any video-based marketing, and Google+ is used often because—let’s face it—it’s a Google product, and they reward its users with better rankings according to correlation studies by Moz and SearchMetrics. But there are countless platforms beyond the most popular options, with hundreds of millions of users between them, that most marketers aren’t taking advantage of yet.

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