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  • 7 Blogging Tips for Increased Traffic
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    Last Updated: May 31, 2010

    This article was written by Valeri.

    “Whether you are just creating a blog or wanting to improve upon a site you have already launched there are certain blogging tips that will help you do both. In either case the ultimate goal is to establish and maintain a steady flow of blog traffic. As business blogs have grown in popularity so have the number of techniques used to attract site visitors. The push for new ways to increase blog traffic generally almost always lead back to the tried and true methods that have stood the test of time.”

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  • SEO Essentials: Tips for Driving the Right Kind of Web Traffic
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    Last Updated: May 30, 2010

    This article was written by John Moore.

    “Most service provides hope to get some leads through their Web sites, but they aren’t always particularly knowledgeable on search engine optimization. I recently talked to Ben Finklea, chief executive officer of Volacci, a professional search marketing firm. Here are a few SEO tips from Finklea, whose customers include hosting and cloud computing providers.”

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  • 85 Killer Blogging Tips: Idiot Guide For Bloggers
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    Last Updated: May 28, 2010

    This article was written by Harsh Agrawal.

    “To make a profitable blog, one needs to work very hard. Blogging is a time consuming process. No one make a profit by working overnight. However, there are some rules which should be follow which can make your success journey shorten.

    Here I am compiling 85 best blogging tips for bloggers. You should read each of them carefully and follow it properly.”

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  • Twitter Demystified for Business Users
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    Last Updated: May 26, 2010

    This article was written by Nancy McCord.

    “Twitter is the current top “hot property” on the Web, but its popularity and how to use it has mystified many business owners. Many people think that they want to, or should be using Twitter, but simply do not understand the platform, its use, or its place in building web exposure. This article will demystify Twitter and help you to learn how to use it in the workplace and to promote your business.

    First, I have to say that I had been confused on how to use Twitter to benefit my own business until I downloaded TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a desktop application that allows you to review and post status updates on Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. I consider it a “must have” application for anyone who wants to make sense of Twitter. TweetDeck allows you to sort the people you follow on Twitter into groups, allows you to limit the number of Tweets (Twitter micro posts) to be shown at any one time, and also allows you to remove all Tweets you have seen with one click. Additionally, using TweetDeck, finally a Twitter search on a topic makes sense.”

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  • My 10 Most Powerful Video Marketing Tips
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    Last Updated: May 24, 2010

    This article was written by Katie Frieling.

    “Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to create a multiple 6-figure business online.  It is the core of just about everything I do… whether it be blogging and creating content, marketing/keyword targeting, or making video sales pages and capture pages.  It’s the most powerful marketing and communication medium that we have online… And the most effective.”

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  • Blogging Tips for Beginners
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    Last Updated: May 22, 2010

    This article was written for Geo Blog.

    “Blogs have increased in popularity over recent years.  Numerous masses have set out to produce their personalized blogs to convey their sentiments and opinions.  Online companies have likewise began their blogs to inform consumers about current merchandise news and reviews.

    Because of this, blogs are being employed as web merchandising media.  Earlier, internet commercializing was handled by putting banners and hyperlinks upon popular sites, such as news and info sites.  Links were likewise enclosed on newsletters and newsletters sent out to the members of their mailing lists.”

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  • Here is a List of What People Want out of Life
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    Last Updated: May 17, 2010

    Here is a General List of What People Want Today!

    People Want to Be…

    People Want to Obtain…
    more money
    advancement in business
    security in the future
    more leisure time
    improved health
    peace of mind

    People Want to…
    do their own thing
    start their own business
    express their individuality
    do something important
    obtain affection and love
    improve themselves
    travel to exciting places
    have more fun
    do less work
    make a contribution

  • 35 Tips for Successful Blogging
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    Last Updated: May 16, 2010

    1. write about something that you love
    2. buy your own domain
    3. write at least 3 posts per week
    4. proofread your posts
    5. interact with other bloggers
    6. leave meaningful comments
    7. choose your niche wisely
    8. write with a personal touch
    9. talk directly to your readers
    10. become an expert in your niche
    11. participate in online discussion forums
    12. always put a link on your signature
    13. remember – content is king
    14. customize your blog template
    15. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple)
    16. join other blog networks
    17. link to other blogs and websites
    18. write “How to” articles
    19. list your blog in directories
    20. ask your readers questions
    21. have a sense of humour
    22. ask readers to subscribe
    23. offer useful tools or resources
    24. reply to comments
    25. break long posts into several parts
    26. use Google Analytics to track your stats
    27. avoid the use of duplicate content
    28. use an RSS reader
    29. read as many blogs as possible
    30. create timeless content (evergreen)
    31. have an “About” page
    32. use photographs/pictures as much as possible
    33. always create value for your readers
    34. use Google Adsense (to make some money)
    35. make it easy for visitors to contact you

  • 25 Strategies for Creating a Profitable Website
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    Last Updated: May 14, 2010

    The following 25 steps are your foundation to creating a successful and profitable Website. This list will always continue to expand as the Internet grows, but if you adapt these 25 proven strategies to your own marketplace, your online business should be a success.

    1. Choose the right domain name
    2. Choose the right web designer
    3. Choose the right ISP and Web Host
    4. Create a professional looking Website
    5. Optimize your Website for the Search Engines and directories
    6. Make sure your Website is easy to navigate
    7. Establish your credibility early and in many different ways
    8. Create lots of free information and up-to-date content
    9. Write and publish your own Free Ezine
    10. Gather customer testimonials & publish them on your Website
    11. Establish great customer support right from the start
    12. Choose products and services that sell easily on the Internet
    13. Develop powerful benefit packed sales letter and ads
    14. Follow-up all sales letters and ads at least 7 times
    15. Test and re-test all marketing efforts
    16. The power of Email Marketing is a key to online success
    17. Use opt-in email marketing with autoresponders
    18. Build up your own opt-in database
    19. Sell over and over to your own house list
    20. Accept credit cards and all other online payment options
    21. Automate your Website to process orders and to track data
    22. Create your own Affiliate or Associate program
    23. Develop Joint Venture projects
    24. Constantly work at building your Brand name Online
    25. Make it easy for your visitors to return to your Website

  • Find out what people want – then sell it to them!
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    Last Updated: May 12, 2010

    Before you leap into Cyberspace and begin to design and develop your “Internet Presence,” you must first ask yourself one important question that, when answered correctly and honestly, will help you avoid costly Online Marketing mistakes!

    Do people really want to buy my product or use my services?

    One of the biggest mistakes in marketing today is selling what you think people “need.” This is the quickest way to go broke! To successfully market your products or services on the Internet today, you must first:

    Find out what people want – then sell it to them!

    Different markets have different “hot buttons.” That’s why knowing who your market is, is so important before you begin selecting a product or service to offer them. And knowing what motivates people in your market to buy is powerful knowledge.

    Success in Online Marketing is almost always market driven (sell products people want to buy) rather than product driven (sell products you want to sell.) The more you find out about what interests your market, the better your chances will be of coming up with a successful Online product or service.

    A good way to find out what your market wants is to look at what they are already buying. Learning the recent purchasing patterns of consumers will tell you a great deal about what he/or she is currently interested in, and what kind of products or services he/or she will probably be buying next.

    This “little known secret to Internet profits” is what all successful Online marketers follow: find the “want” first, and then find a product or service to fulfill that want!

    Too many people fail at online when they create products or services they like and then try to find someone to buy it. This is the definite path to Online business failure.

    But if you focus on providing people with simple, understandable and helpful products or services that will satisfy any of their “WANTS,” your Website should be a success!

    TIP: The typical Web Site Designer (a techie) knows very little about marketing. So your knowledge of Direct Response Marketing techniques and strategies will give you an incredible advantage when you begin promoting your Website on the Internet!